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The Past
Norman Piette`s history dates back to 1739, making it one of the oldest builders and timber merchants in the British Isles. Records exist which show that English oak was sawn in Guernsey and supplied to the Admiralty for the building of Lord Nelson`s flagship, HMS Victory. In the early part of the nineteenth century the company was still involved in shipbuilding, then an important island industry, with locally constructed vessels sailing the oceans of the world. Wooden greenhouses for the growing of grapes and tomatoes became a major feature of island life in the middle of that century, with timber being supplied in great volume by the company.

The Present
Throughout the twentieth century the fortunes of the company have been shaped by expansion within various sectors of the economy “ horticulture, tourism, industry and commerce “as well as by demand for housing due to a broad socio-economic population expansion. Through acquisition and organic growth, the company structure was established. Norman Piette`s current business is that of general builder`s merchants, the largest and most professional such group in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, supplying materials for much of the recent development of St Peter Port as an international finance centre and meeting the demands for public buildings and social housing. Norman, Piette Limited is a member of the NP Group of Companies which includes Quayside, Project Hire and Sales, KdeP Glass, Annandale and Blanchard`s Building Supplies in Alderney.

The Future
We aim to live up to our Statement of Purpose. We keep up-to-date with new technology and current events in the industry and have excellent stock-retrieval and management systems. We are always on the lookout for new products and services which in turn enhance our efficiency and customer service.

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